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Walking with Herb

Walking with Herb - IMDb

Ross Kagan Marks

Story:- Joe Amable-Amo is a bank executive and former amateur golfer struggling with his faith after an unexpected tragedy. Faced with growing doubts about himself, his purpose, and his belief in God, Joe is stunned when he receives a message from God on his computer screen telling him that he’s been chosen to inspire the world and play in a world championship golf tournament. Guided by God’s eccentric personal messenger, Herb, Joe learns that the seemingly impossible is possible…through faith, family, and second chances.



Anybody accepting such a message on their PC screen would initially consider who may pull a particularly commonsense joke and afterward keep thinking about whether they are going off the deep end. 63 year-old broker Joe Goodman goes through that careful manner of thinking. At that point he truly questions his mental soundness when God discloses to him he will play in, and conceivably win, the Masters Golf Tournament the accompanying spring.

God sends Herb—an affable more established refined man with tanned skin, puncturing green eyes and a consistently present golf cap—to guide and assist for Joe. Joe at that point leaves on the ride of his life to eventually convey the message that through God, everything is conceivable.

Creator Joe S. Bullock has conveyed a beguiling book, both for the individuals who love golf and the individuals who appreciate a profound anecdote. God’s message of expectation is exhibited through typical individuals with basic issues: medical problems, business stresses, and the sky is the limit from there. At the point when Joe imparts his recommendation to a youngster whose marriage is coming up short, for instance, the young fellow is then ready to rebuild his days and needs to save the association.

The personality of Herb offers reasonable guidance on the best way to capitalize on every day and work toward an objective. In the interim, Joe is relatable in light of the fact that he doesn’t stand apart from the group anything else than most of us, yet he is educated in his own specialty of banking. Bullock fabricates tension while exhibiting a tremendous information on golf as Joe moves gradually up from easygoing golf player to member in the greeting just Masters Tournament.

Any individual who appreciates a viable showing of confidence will leave away from this charming story reminded that God is congenial and able to assist with any of our issues.

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