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Total Dhamaal

Directed by:- Indra Kumar

Produced by:- Ajay Devgn

Ashok Thakeria

Indra Kumar

Sri Adhikari Brothers

Anand Pandit

Screenplay by   

Ved Prakash

Paritosh Painter

Bunty Rathore


Ajay Devgn

Anil Kapoor

Madhuri Dixit

Riteish Deshmukh

Arshad Warsi

Javed Jaffrey

Sanjay Mishra

Pitobash Tripathy

Esha Gupta

Johnny Lever

Story:- Total Dhamaal is the third portion in the Dhamaal establishment. A concealed goods of 50 crore prompts a distraught pursue among a lot of ravenous and unusual characters. In them, are a quibbling couple very nearly a separation, covetous kin, neighborhood hooligans, a police magistrate and the driving force of the plunder. Will they at long last find the concealed fortune




Review:-Trains smashing into vehicles, falling scaffolds, thundering wild felines and crash landing helicopters. Chief Indra Kumar’s Total Dhamaal leaves almost no to creative mind in making an uproarious parody. Be that as it may, the outfit star cast aside, this pursuit for comic experience transforms into a misfortune pretty from the beginning in its ride. In any case, the film’s plot is more vulnerable than the dilapidated extension we have found in the promotion. Yet, it relies on numerous solid shoulders, who convey notwithstanding clear imperfections in the composition. The film opens on a serious paisa vasool note with the fantastic title tune presenting every single one of them. They are quickly bunged in together in an unconvincing unexpected development. While everybody is two by two of two, it’s the enchanted matching of Anil and Madhuri that draws out the most LOL minutes. The pair actually share a snapping science and a perfect association for satire. Anil is humorous as the bothered pati with his interesting Gujarati intonation and Madhuri utilizes her characteristic energy for Marathi to hit all the correct comic notes. While Ajay Devgn performs well inside the limits of his inadequately composed character, it’s the generally great Sanjay Mishra, who appears to be terribly irritating. He continually continues to allude to Radhe (Ajay) as brother, making a decent attempt to compel humor into the circumstance. We have seen better fellowship between Arshad Warsi and Javed Jaffrey in the past portions of the film. The two are generally stayed with droll scenes that don’t do what’s necessary equity to their aggregate ability. Then, Riteish Deshmukh makes great with his character of a skillet biting hoodlum Lallan, who puts his mouth where the cash is, in a real sense. His scenes with Johnny Lever are amusing. Rest of the cast like Boman Irani, Mahesh Manjrekar and Esha Gupta are squandered in indifferently composed characters. Not exclusively film’s screenplay, however even the greater part of the punches are unsurprising. For an undertaking parody, Total Dhamaal likewise flounders in numerous scenes with terrible PC designs. While the primary half is blustery, second half is overburdened with an excessive number of characters in a powerless plot. Chief Indra Kumar passes up the chance to produce constant flow of humor. Given the outfit cast, this film could be a comic crazy ride. Notwithstanding, the way that the film is droll isn’t an issue, what cuts it down is helpless composition and execution. Avinash and Bindu are pained couples who are recording a separation and contend over keeping their kid. Lallan and Jhingur are accomplices who are working in a fire detachment administration where they attempt to pay off individuals and bring in more cash which prompts them being terminated subsequent to causing a disaster while saving individuals from a house in fire. Adi and Manav get a new line of work at a craftsmanship display where they unintentionally annihilate the entire exhibition and break with the proprietor’s high level far off controlled vehicle. Then, Pintoo plans to leave the nation yet Guddu and Johney get up to speed to him. While running from them, Pintoo gets onto a private plane to get away yet discovers that rather than the pilot, he carried the janitor with him. The janitor escapes with the lone parachute and the plane accidents. Circumstantially everybody shows up at the site of the accident where Pintoo uncovers that the cash is kept in the Janakpur Zoo by him and requests that they look under an OK. In the wake of finding out about the cash, everybody chooses to snatch the cash for themselves. Guddu and Johnny’s vehicle stalls and they look out for the street to discover another vehicle. Avinash drives the vehicle into the backwoods while asserting he knows an easy route. Lallan takes him and Jhingur to a close by helicopter administration. Adi and Manav utilize the taken vehicle to arrive at Janakpur. Guddu and Johnny locate a high level vehicle with a snide G.P.S framework which drives them to wrong courses and at last leads the vehicle down a lofty incline and wrecks the vehicle. Avinash and Bindu lose all sense of direction in the backwoods and meet a neighborhood resident who professes to know the course to interstate. The two of them take him with them. Lallan and Jhingur show up at the helicopter administration where they travel on an old and broken helicopter of the proprietor which is very nearly slamming. Adi crashes the vehicle in a desert subsequent to getting diverted by an alluring lady and stalls out in a sand trap. Manav takes a snake and requests that Adi get it to get out. Some way or another Adi gets out and slams Manav for not bringing the close by rope. Before long, they get assaulted by a group of vulture. Guddu and Johnny run over the Police Commissioner who at that point pursues them both to a railroad crossing. Avinash and Bindu attempt to cross a wooden extension to get to the opposite side which separates. After fortunately trying not to fall into the bluff, they understand that the resident was rather driving them to an eatery called Highway which drives Avinash to beat him. Guddu and Johnny get away from the Commissioner when a train crashes into their vehicle. Lallan and Jhingur hop off the slamming helicopter and land on a structure under development. Adi and Manav jumble up with the distant and scarcely get away from the consuming vehicle. Avinash and Bindu attempt to cross a waterway which gets filled by water when the dam gets opened and get cleared to the edge of the cascade. Guddu and Johnny jump on a plane which they accept is going on a swimming excursion however before long discover that it is really going for skydiving trip. The both hesitantly bounce off the plane. After in some way or another getting away close demise situations, everybody arrives at Janakpur Zoo where they begin finding the concealed cash. They see that a man named Chinappa Swamy is wanting to unlawfully close the zoo by slaughtering all the creatures. At the point when the overseer Prachi deviates, he bolts her inside the control station. The gathering at that point sees that Chinappa’s men are harming the creature’s food to slaughter them. At the point when Jhingur, Manav, Johnny and Bindu request to save them, the gathering chooses to save the creatures. Guddu goes over a lion and prevails with regards to shielding him from eating the harmed steak. Lallan and Jhingur attempt to prevent an infant gorilla from eating the harmed bananas however Lallan gets thumped by the dad gorilla. Lallan saves the gorillas by persuading them to not eat the bananas. Adi and Manav attempt to save a child elephant which has eaten the harmed sugarcanes. They save him however the elephant vomits on Adi and the elephants express gratitude toward them. Avinash and Bindu attempt to prevent a tiger from eating the harmed steak yet Bindu gets pursued by the tiger and she gets away from him by ascending a tree. Avinash at that point prevails with regards to persuading the tiger. Prachi gets liberated when her pet monkey Security opens the entryway. After effectively saving the creatures, the gathering stands up to Chinappa yet get saved when Security holds a weapon to Chinappa’s face. The creatures at that point pursue Chinappa. The gathering finds the OK and chooses to part the cash similarly between every one of them. The Commissioner excuses Guddu and Johnny when he likewise gets the cash. Avinash and Bindu excuse one another and choose to live cheerfully together. Guddu falls head over heels in love for Prachi with Johnny inquiring as to whether he can get a sweetheart as well.

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