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Paper Lives
Can Ulkay
Çağatay Ulusoyas Mehmet
Emir Ali Dogrulas Ali
Ersin Arıcı

Story:- An impoverished, old neighbourhood in Istanbul, brutally shaped by emigration… Mehmet is a cherished fellow who runs the solid waste warehouse in the neighbourhood; he helps everyone in need – especially homeless children and teenagers since he was one too. Mehmet’s biggest supporter is Tahsin who has been helping him and those in need for a very long time. One day Mehmet meets an 8 year-old boy who suddenly appears in his best mate Gonzales’ waste sack. Mehmet suddenly has the urge to reunite the boy with his parents however he doesn’t realize he becomes attached to this 8 year old child.


Review:-Netflix film Paper Lives is a drama hailing from Turkey and flaunting veteran chief Can Ulkay and star Cagatay Ulusoy (of Netflix arrangement The Protector). It’s determined to the hardscrabble roads of Istanbul, where castoffs and vagrants get by dumpster-plunging for recyclables — or they simply park their butts on the cobble and episode stick. Presently we should check whether this neo-Dickensian story has sufficient sensational oomph to warrant a watch.

The Gist: We meet Mehmet (Ulusoy) in one of the backalley labyrinths of Istanbul, rummaging cardboard from a dumpster and stuffing it into a major cart like sack-truck. It begins to rain containers. He stumbles back to a stockroom. He’s doused. He falls into a seat as his companion Gonzi (Ersin Arici) communicates concern. Mehmet hurls fiercely. They journey across the downpour to the trauma center, where we see the scars on Mehmet’s back. He’s been exhausting himself. He’s on the kidney relocate list. Back in his gritty loft, he pees blood, takes a small bunch of pills and drops on his love seat.

The following day, he’s not in the least the woeful character we’ve seen up until this point. He awakens, tidies up the spot a piece, washes and dresses and heads out. He happily chitchats with the crackpot people in the city, hands a fiver to a destitute child and reveals to him he better not accepting paste with it. Ends up, Mehmet is somewhat of a bigshot. He runs the waste stockroom, dealing with an armada of dirty folks who accumulate cardboard, plastic and glass and money it in by the pound. The folks call one another “sibling” since, one assumes, they’re all previous road imps and believe the team to be family. They even go to the bathhouse together and clean each other’s backs and get in splashfights.

Gonzi drops his truck and considers it daily. Mehmet jots in the books and checks the moolah when he hears a commotion. The truck crashes over and a child scrambles out of it like a terrified creature. Mehmet baits the child out with the guarantee of some food and learns his name is Ali. He’s covered with wounds. He says his mom threw him in the sack to save him from his harsh stepfather. Definitely Mehmet sees a touch of himself in the child, and encourages him. He arranges a gathering for Ali, shows him how to swim, even welds together a garbage truck for the child. In the event that lone Mehmet’s huge heart could make up for that kidney. This sure appears to be something of an unsafe circumstance, taking in a child so rapidly without speaking with any specialists. Mehmet says he’ll help Ali discover his mom and save them from the abhorrent stepfather, yet you understand what they say about best laid plans.

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