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Matkiphod S1

Matkiphod 2021 (Season 1) All Episodes HDRip 720pIMDb Rating: N/A
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama
Director: Moin Khan
Release Date: 16 February 2021
Star Cast: Bhavesh Bakshi, Vinay Bokhil, Anurag Dutta

Movie Story: An out of place young man, Cittu is willing to go any length to get revenge, influence and ownership of the local ‘Janmashtami matkiphod’ celebration in the political scene of a small town named Bandinaka.





Dahi Handi celebration or Utlotsavam[3][4][5] is one of the bubbly occasions and a group activity during the Hindu celebration Gokulashtami, which is otherwise called Krishna Janmashtami and commends the introduction of Krishna.[6][7]

Dahi Handi celebration is commended each August/September, the day after Krishna Janmashtami.[7] It includes networks hanging an earthen pot loaded up with dahi (yogurt) or other milk-based delicacy, at a helpful or hard to arrive at tallness. Youngsters and young men structure groups, make a human pyramid and endeavor to reach or break the pot. As they do as such, young ladies encompass them, sing with music, and cheer them on. It is a public scene, and efficient noteworthy custom of Hindus, with media participation, prize cash and business sponsorships.[6][8][9] The occasion depends on the legend of the Krishna taking spread and other milk items as a child (he is additionally called Makhan chor, which signifies “margarine hoodlum” or “the person who takes spread”), the local area concealing the items by hanging them high out of his span, however he finding innovative approaches to arrive at what he wanted.[10][11]

The youngster god Krishna and his companions used to shape human pyramids to break pots swung from the roofs of neighborhood houses, to take curd and butter.[13] This was in Vrindavan, a town in Uttar Pradesh, India, where Krishna was raised. As indicated by a legend, however there was an adequate stock of milk items, the kids were denied the sustenance during the malicious lord Kamsa’s standard in light of the fact that the ruler held onto the milk items created. Krishna with his companions would take and share the milk products.[citation needed] In the Hindu practice, Krishna is additionally alluded to as Makkan chor (margarine thief).[12]

Importance and portrayal

Additional data: Krishna Janmashtami

Govinda pathaks shaping a human pinnacle to break the Dahi handi

In Maharastra, Janmashtami is praised as Dahi Handi (dahi: curd, handi: earthen pot)[14] It is coordinated generally every August.[8] The celebration Gokulashtami, known as Krishna Janmashtami in the remainder of the nation, is the festival of Krishna’s introduction to the world and Dahi Handi is important for it.[15] The occasion includes making a human pyramid and breaking an earthen pot loaded up with milk, curd, spread, leafy foods which is hung at an advantageous tallness, consequently mirroring the activities of kid Krishna.[16] Sometimes the prize cash is added to the pot instead.[17]

The terms govinda (additionally another name of Krishna) or govinda pathak are utilized to allude to individuals who take an interest in framing this human pyramid. They practice in bunches a long time before the real occasion. These gatherings are called mandals and they circumvent the neighborhoods, to break however many pots as could reasonably be expected during the occasion. Pyramid arrangement needs coordination and center; the least layers comprise of the a great many people, ideally tough, while the center layer players need to focus on those underneath just as the others remaining on their shoulders. The external layer people need to zero in on looking after balance. As lighter individuals are required higher up, the highest layer ordinarily has a solitary youngster. Separating the pot as a rule closes with the substance gushing out over the participants.[14] Traditionally, observers tossed water on the members to dissuade them and individuals serenade in Marathi “Ala re ala, Govinda ala” (govindas have arrived).[13] The pyramid arrangement is regularly joined by groups, music and dancing.[8]

In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana this celebration is commended as Utlotsavam (In Telugu Utti: a sinewy organization sling to hang pots and Utsavam: Festival). At the well known Tirupati Venkateswara Temple, this antiquated game is praised with incredible enthusiasm on navami (the day after krishna janmastami).[4] The processional gods of Sri Krishna Swamy and Sri Malayappa Swamy will be taken in a parade around the sanctuary to the spot simply before sanctuary where Utlotsavam will be performed.[1] The Deities will watch the game being played by nearby youth who will be partitioned into gatherings to get the Utti. Utti with prize cash will be labeled to the furthest limit of 25 feet in length wooden post which is spread with tacky and other slick substances.[1]

Festivity and financial matters

The members structure a pyramid comprising ordinarily under 9-levels, and are offered three endeavors to reprieve the earthen pot. Consistently a great many individuals and many govinda groups assemble at Mumbai and Thane’s Dahi Handi occasions. Starting at 2011, the prize cash for the occasions as a rule range between ₹1 lakh (US$1,400)– ₹12 lakh (US$17,000) contingent upon the coordinators and its sponsors.[18] Each year, the prizes and size of the festivals increment because of the cooperation of ideological groups and commercialisation.[18]

Neighborhood and state ideological groups like the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), Shiv Sena and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), are dynamic during this occasion, with each offering their own prize cash. Each gathering supports its own arrangement of mandals.[19] Their contribution has expanded during the 2000s, accordingly expanding rivalry and prize cash. Accordingly, various groups contend with one another in progressive occasions for the prizes all through the city.[17] Actors from Bollywood, Marathi entertainers and vocalists participate in this event.[19] Some mandals even consolidated social messages like female foeticide or about the climate into their demonstration; the Shiv Sena and MNS center around Marathi culture.[20] In certain years, Castellers from Catalonia additionally partake in the competition.[21]

A Dahi Handi, tied up high for the Hindu celebration of Janmashtmi Krishna.

In 2012, a mandal called Jai Jawan Govinda Pathak from Jogeshwari, Mumbai, made a passage into the Guinness World Record by framing a human pyramid of 9-levels 43.79 feet (13.35 m) at the Dahi Handi occasion held in Thane; the past record was held by Spain since 1981.[16][20] An anteroom pushed for the chance of making it an authority sport in the exact year, which pundits said that it ought to stay simply a road celebration.[22]


The presence of these mass festivals and mandals cause gridlock and issues like over the top littering.[20] It additionally causes the issue of sound contamination, with the Supreme Court of India’s recommended rules being 55–65 decibels.[23] Participation conveys a high danger of mortality. The quantity of wounds expanded because of higher rivalry since 2000. A report in 2012 from the Journal of Postgraduate Medicine, presumed that “There is an impressive danger of genuine, perilous wounds innate to human pyramid development and drop in the Dahihandi festival”.[17] It suggested wellbeing rules like decreasing the stature of the pot, keeping youngsters from partaking and utilizing security gear.[17]

In 2012, more than 225 govindas were harmed with one loss; this was higher than the earlier year’s 205.[24] The public authority of Maharashtra prohibited youngsters under a long time from partaking in 2014.[25] The Bombay High Court later decided in August that the base age ought to be raised to 18 years and stature of the pyramid ought to be close to 20 feet because of security reasons.[26][27] The Supreme Court of India would not explain the Bombay High Court along these lines maintaining it, yet different associations have re-advanced on various lawful grounds. They express that olympic games are risky and cause wounds as well, however that isn’t adequate grounds to boycott Olympic interest. Restricting a strict practice, they state, encroaches on the strict privileges of a specific community.[28] Several gatherings have resisted the ban.[29]

Wrapping Up ❤️

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