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Hatchet Man

Hatchet Man

Collin McLean
Dominic Cipullo
Chris McLeanas Frank Gunn
Story:- Set on the streets of 1974 New York City, a man is confronted by a violent gangster to pay the money he owes to the mafia. Tempers rise between the two men during their confrontation, resulting in a suspenseful on foot chase through the city.


Review:-Edward G. Robinson, wearing a treated shirt and supper coat the previous evening sat in the overhang of the Winter Garden and watched his shadow, showed more often than not as a Chinese, act in a bleak drama of San Francisco’s Chinatown. After the image reached a conclusion Achmed Abdullah, creator of the narrative of “The Hatchet Man,” as the film is known, talked in high recognition of Mr. Robinson. At that point Mr. Robinson approached from in the background and expressed charming things about Mr. Abdullah and his story. Before he resigned he called upon Janet Gaynor, who was likewise situated in the gallery, to make herself seen by the many. The minuscule titian-haired entertainer emerged and kissed her hands to Mr. Robinson. This satisfied the crowd who had quite recently viewed a Chinese criminal bite the dust on the screen in a none too lovely style, and the executioner turned out to be as a matter of fact the bright little man on the stage in the supper jacket.It is a bronzed issue, this “Ax Man,” and not at all like numerous titles of films this one methods something, for let it be realized that Wong Low Get is the fair ax man of the Lem Sing Tong, which is comparable to being the Lord High Executioner, then again, actually when he flings his sharp-edged axes it should be done secretly.Although Wong, played by Mr. Robinson, is clad more often than not in Chinese silks, his voice, similar to the voices of others in this story, is determinedly American, something which is represented constantly the characters have spent here. Generally a similar Mr. Robinson is a superior stylist, card shark, hoodlum and newspaper proofreader than he is a Chinese ax man. It is, notwithstanding, a quick story with an Oriental theme and one of its patricularly viable highlights is the make-up of the players, less that of Mr. Robinson yet of others, particularly Dudley Digges and Loretta Young.Miss Young shows up as Toya San, the beautiful girl of Sun Yat Sen, whom, sadly, the fair ax man is called upon to kill in the early piece of the image. It is such a thing that must be finished. On the off chance that Wong had not slaughtered his closest companion, another and less thoughtful individual from the Tong would have been chosen to do the errand. By and by, it appears to be fairly thankless, seeing that Sun Yat Sen had recently wrapped up making his will for Wong when the last called upon him in his authority capacity.As Wong guaranteed his companion that he would take care of Toya and see that she was upbeat, he, when all is said and done, endures, for Toya, ten or after twelve years, subsequent to having marry Wong, develops a fondness for Harry En Hai, a hoodlum who had been locked in as a gatekeeper for her. This Toya at times talks like a school young lady, and when she passes into the vernacular she is partial to saying “And how?”Harry may have been killed by Wong when he first finds Toya with him, yet he recollects his guarantee to poor, old Sun Yat Sen. Wong is in acceptable structure at that point, for he had recently gotten back from snuffing out the existence of a tormenting hoodlum in Sacramento. The way that Wong doesn’t kill Harry brings about his being removed from the Tong.Far away in China Buddha in the end allows the fair ax man to even up chances with Harry, yet the irresolute Toya is allowed to live with the kind Wong.The life of a good ax man is anything but an upbeat one. Among other people who give fantastic depictions are J. Carroll Naish, as Sun Yat Sen; Dudley Digges as Nog Hong Fah, the Tong tribal leader, and Leslie Fenton, as Harry.

“The Greeks Had a Word for It,” are currently visiting the Rialto in the film, “The Greeks Had a Word for Them.” A mob of fun exudes from the screen shadows. There is magnificence, as well, luxurious settings and great acting.Madge Evans plays Polaire, the young lady who gives up to cherish at the last second. In any event, one speculates that she will; however one never can be sure what these reasonable animals will do, for Jean, played by Ina Claire, leaves her old husband to-be holding up with a large group of companions, while an ensemble is playing the wedding walk, and oil she goes to the steamship headed for France. The facts confirm that prior to arriving at this choice she talks the matter over with her two companions and they guzzle a few “little drinkies.”Joan Blondell, who played in “Association Depot,” imitates Schatze, the third of the silk-stocking musketeers. A most comical scene is that wherein they find that they have each had an unsanctioned romance with a concealed individual, naturally Known as “Pops,” who after his demise leaves part of his will on a phonograph record. Jean, who turns up at the legal advisor’s office in profound grieving, finds that she was not in the elderly person’s kindness at the hour of his passing away.When attempting a success Jean introduces her assault on the casualty’s satchel by saying: “Where have I met you previously?” This is trailed by a couple of good words about the man’s physiognomy, and in 99 cases out of 100 he is hooked.Art is maybe the exact opposite thing in which this threesome of champagne-drinking blondies are intrigued. Lowell Sherman, who coordinated this film, additionally shows up as Boris Feldman, a piano player of prestige. He bets that he can make Jean go gaga for him by playing to her, however the soldier of fortune blonde thinks that its hard to keep wakeful while Feldman is playing the piano.David Manners depicts Dey Emery. Between altercations he is infatuated with Polaire, who isn’t exactly pretty much as wild as her two sidekicks. Phillips Smalley handles the piece of Dey’s dad, who gets stricken by Jean’s pat comments and her large blue eyes.It may intrigue female benefactors of the Rialto to realize that the outfits worn by the three gold-diggers were planned by Mile, Chanel. Miss Evans is pretty and very proficient. Miss Blondell and Miss Claire keep the cheerfulness brilliant. Mr. Sherman gives a smooth exhibition and Mr. Smalley adds to the general gayety of the piece.

“honestly and creatively” and “making each change requested of them with a courage and understanding that is however stunning as it could be admirable.””They acknowledge,” she said, “that conditions can’t and won’t change over night and that while they hang tight for the new chances which should come, they should adjust to the requirements existing apart from everything else. So we have an entertainer and a home financial aspects master selling books, a workmanship chief going about as a buddy, a show vocalist showing French and Spanish and interpreting original copies for a distributing house. Bookkeepers are filling in as entertainers in tea rooms.”One of the most fascinating realities uncovered we would say during the previous two years is that the capacity to save contributes something, notwithstanding the security of the actual cash, to a lady’s ability to meet dificulty without the deficiency of morale.”The Maude Adams-Otis Skinner cross-country visit in “The Merchant of Venice” has been reserved to April 2, when the organization will play in Salt Lake City, Miss Adams’ origination, it is reported by Erlanger Productions, Inc. From that point onward, the Shakespearian restoration will be seen on the Pacific Coast.Accordingly, Miss Adams and Mr. Skinner are not expected to show up on Broadway before next season.’Jewel Robbery’ to Go to Vanderbilt”Jewel Robbery,” the Laszlo Fodor satire in which Mary Ellis and Basil Sydney are featuring at the Booth, will proceed onward Monday night to the Vanderbilt Theater, rather than to the Mansfield, as recently reported. “Lethal Alibi,” Jed Harris’ second creation of the period, will open at the Booth on Monday.New Title for “The Man I Killed.”When “The Man I Killed” is broadly delivered on Feb. 26 it will bear the new title, “The Fifth Commandment,” the Paramount-Publix Corporation, which created the film, declared yesterday. The change was made on account of an inclination that the first title gave an off-base impression of the idea of the story.Dr. Jacob Diner, dignitary of the College of Pharmacy of Fordham University, was the visitor of honor the previous evening at a supper at the Hotel Commodore commending the 20th commemoration of the school, which he has headed since its initiation. The Very Rev. Aloysius J. Hogan, leader of the college, and pioneers in drug and instructive circles honored him.Dean Diner enlisted his first students in a pharmacy and the top of the line started with just two individuals, Dr. Otto F. Canis, one of those individuals, announced in describing the school’s history.Others who talked included Dr. Peter J. Conroy, Murray Kosberg, Dr. John L. Dandreau, Dr. William C. Anderson, Dr. Henry V. Arny, Dr. George C. Diekman, George W. Mather

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