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Below Zero

Below Zero
Lluís Quílez
Javier Gutiérrezas Martín
Karra Elejaldeas Miguel
Luis Callejoas Ramis

Story When a prisoner transfer van is attacked, the cop in charge must fight those inside and outside while dealing with a silent foe: the icy temperatures.


Review:-The title sequence shows a man in the dark woods torturing another man for information, and burying him alive when he claims not to know the location of the missing body.

Having just changed the punctured tire of his car, police officer Martin is detailed to drive a prisoner transport at night. On a lonely road, their truck is stopped by a spike strip. As Montesino, the escorting police officer, leaves the armored truck to assess the situation he finds their pilot vehicle off the roadside and the two officers inside shot dead. Subsequently he himself is shot by a sniper from out of the dark woods, and later succumbs to his injuries. Martin, the policeman who was driving, survives and enters the prisoners’ compartment where he is overpowered by the convicts. The outside assailant, Miguel, enters the truck’s cabin and indicates through the intercom that he is after one prisoner in particular. Being unable to open the secured prisoners’ compartment, he drives the truck into a frozen lake.

Eventually it comes to a showdown in an abandoned village by the lakeside where Miguel reveals that he lost his daughter to a rape murder, and that her body had never been found. With police support arriving, Martin at the last minute decides to depart from his law-abiding convictions and tortures Nano to extract the location of the disposed body of Miguel’s daughter.

The title succession shows a man in obscurity woods tormenting another man for data, and covering him alive when he guarantees not to know the area of the missing body.

Having recently replaced the penetrated tire of his vehicle, cop Martin is nitty gritty to drive a detainee transport around evening time. On a forlorn street, their truck is halted by a spike strip. As Montesino, the accompanying cop, leaves the defensively covered truck to survey the circumstance he finds their pilot vehicle off the side of the road and the two officials inside shot dead. Accordingly he, at the end of the day, is shot by an expert sharpshooter from out of the dim woods, and later surrenders to his wounds. Martin, the police officer who was driving, endures and enters the detainees’ compartment where he is overwhelmed by the convicts. The external attacker, Miguel, enters the truck’s lodge and demonstrates through the radio that he is after one detainee specifically. Being not able to open the got detainees’ compartment, he drives the truck into a frozen lake.

Ultimately it goes to a standoff in a neglected town by the lakeside where Miguel uncovers that he lost his girl to an assault murder, and that her body had never been found. With police uphold showing up, Martin finally chooses to withdraw from his reputable feelings and torments Nano to remove the area of the arranged body of Miguel’s little girl.

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