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The Wrong Prince Charming

The Wrong Prince Charming
David DeCoteau
Vivica A. Foxas Bridget
Cristine Prosperias Anna
James Nittias Prince Edward

Story:- Successful entrepreneur Bridget (Vivica A. Fox,) has just scored a meeting with the famed Prince of Devonshire about a possible multi-million-dollar investment in one of her properties. She and her young lawyer, Anna, feel like they are living in a fantasy with the handsome prince who seems like the perfect partner for Bridget and the right guy for Anna until they discover that he’s not what he seems. Cristine Prosperi, James Nitti, and Tracy Nelson co-star.


Review:-Fruitful business person Bridget (Vivica A. Fox) has recently scored a gathering with the renowned Prince of Devonshire about a potential multi-million-dollar interest in one of her properties. She and her young legal counselor, Anna, feel like they are living in a dream with the attractive ruler who seems like the ideal accomplice for Bridget and the correct person for Anna until they find that he’s not what he appears. Cristine Prosperi, James Nitti, and Tracy Nelson co-star. (2021)


The film starts with a washout on a sofa sitting in front of the TV; hold on, is that me? A lady breaks into the house and requests to know where “he” is. She shouts about a man who guaranteed her cash. The TV man leased his home while he was away on business.

Ms. Vivica A Fox is Anna’s chief and claims her own organization. (Perhaps they do land or are legal advisors, it doesn’t actually matter.) The Prince of Devonshire welcomes Ms. Vivica A Fox for beverages and business talk; she welcomes Anna to go along.

Anna jettison her roomie/BFF Heather for a night out for investigating Prince Edward while drinking some wine.

At Drinks, Ms. Vivica A Fox looks fabulous. (They are meeting the Prince of Devonshire all things considered.) Prince Edward and his accomplice Liam offer 300 million dollars to extend an inn. They talk about cash and charges, yakkity yak. Anna is dubious. So is the lady from the start of the film who is watching the gathering from a remote place while wearing a cowhide coat. After Ms. Vivica A Fox and Anna leave, the lady shouts at the sovereign and stops midsentence. At that point she finds Anna and cautions her, giving her a business card. The lady’s name is Mia Phillips.

Anna doesn’t accept Mia’s recommendation and meets with Prince Edward for some more beverages. They make another date to circumvent the city. Ms. Vivica A Fox advises Anna to do ANYTHING to get the arrangement. (Who thinks often about the fine print!)

Then, Mia gets together with her stepsister Carrie at a jump bar while Prince Edward watches from a remote place. Mia asks Carrie to recruit a PI and assist her with getting her cash back. Mia leaves, and Prince Edward takes his action. He gets the check and plays with Carrie while utilizing a perhaps Boston complement.

Ruler Edward and Anna develop close as they look in and out of town. Anna opens up about her dad’s bombed sub shop and demise. They kiss. (Are miserable stories his love potion?) Afterward, Anna spouts to Heather. Her companion is energized, yet she says that something doesn’t appear to be correct. Anna welcomes Heather and her beau on a twofold date to quiet her feelings of trepidation.

Immediately date, Prince Edward boasts about knowing Elton John and strolls about dashing vehicles. (Heather gets Prince Edward say miles each hour rather than kilometers. Her dubious are affirmed) After the date, Anna returns home, and Mia appears attempting to get that cash still. Edward welcomes her up to his room in the inn and toxins her. Carrie sees her sister is missing and attempts to converse with investigators, who aren’t useful.

Anna carries Heather’s doubts to Prince Edward, and he dismisses them. Refuting Heather with a Wikipedia page about him. (Haha.)

Sovereign Edward enlightens Liam concerning their new issue. I sort of feel like these two people are laying down with each other. They are simply hanging out in a lodging with their shirts off and one bed. Gee.

A concealed figure puts a tracker on Heather’s vehicle. Heather discovers a few documents on the web and sends them to Anna. As she is calling and leaving a phone message, Heather is assaulted in her home.

Anna disregards Heather’s call to go through the night with Prince Edward. The following morning, Anna surges off to work, and Ms. Vivica A Fox discloses to Anna that Heather has disappeared and seems to have been stole. A woman criminal investigator addresses Anna and furthermore isn’t exceptionally useful.

Anna calls Mia’s cellphone and gets it together of Carrie all things considered. Carrie discloses to Anna that Mia is missing as well. Carrie educates Anna regarding a man named Harry who conned her stepsister out $200,000. Carrie reveals to Anna that Harry is Prince Edward. Anna hurries to tells Ms. Vivica A Fox to stop the arrangement.

Ms. Vivica A Fox drops the exchange and advises Anna to call the analyst. They intend to play it off like a specialized mess and shroud the way that they know reality from Prince Edward and Liam.

Ruler Edward and Liam, obviously, realize that the women are onto them. Ruler Edward appears at Anna’s home and discloses to her that he slaughtered Heather. He isn’t leaving until Anna moves the cash. Anna calls 911 and secures herself her room. The analysts appear and frighten him away.

The following day at work, Ms. Vivica A Fox reprimands Anna to require the day. Anna returns home and lays in bed; she falls asleep and is stirred by a thump at the entryway. Anna snatches an enormous butcher blade and nearly cuts Heather’s sweetheart, who is making a trip to keep an eye on her.

One more thump at the entryway, and this time it is, Prince Edward. Beneficial thing she has that blade since she rapidly cuts him.

The woman criminal investigator discloses to Anna that things aren’t seeking useful for Mia and Heather. Liam is likewise absent as well. Ms. Vivica A Fox truly focuses on it this time when she says, “Appear as though you picked some unacceptable Mr. Perfect.” Like, two individuals kicked the bucket, Ms. Vivica A Fox. Show some regard!

Wrapping Up ❤️

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